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Private landlord in Schönwalde Zimmervermietung Kieferneck

Zimmervermietung Kieferneck (Schönwalde) secluded tv set

house description:
Our room hire, with 4 beds, mini kitchen, satellite TV, shower and toilet, located in a tranquil wooded setting on the edge of Berlin. One has to go from here walk out of the opportunity to ride a bike or swim in the nearby lake. By car or the local bus service one in a few minutes in Berlin.
pricing conditions:
Price per person per night from 13,00 €. Parking is available.

booking request
Private landlord
min. price: 13.00 €
categorisation: -
beds: 4
journey description:

secluded, tv set,
Zimmervermietung Kieferneck
Johann Diatka
Germanenweg 4
14621 Schönwalde
phone: 03322/202651
email: send inquiry